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My new (cheap chinese) PCB Drill Machine

Hi friends, I got this Hand PCB driller from shop no 718 Old lajpat rai market for Rs.1050. This is a cheap chinese driller. Although it is not for PCB drilling exactly, it is meant for some jewellery work but it had some PCB drill size adaptors so I purchased it. Unfortunately when purchasing I didn’t saw that it has adaptors only upto a size of 1mm drill bit and that a very poorly built adaptor.The drill bit wiggles a lot when running the machine and is not the best. Now I am regreting purchasing this bastard drill machine. I do not recommend anyone to buy these cheap chinese machines. Only buy good branded machines from venders like Black and Decker,etc.


DSC014591 DSC014521 DSC014561 DSC014571

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Lots of PCB’s to build and test

Ah man,I hate manufacturing PCBs at home.

It is just tiring.

Although it was fun initially when I learnt to,but to build a lot of PCBs is just exhausting.

But at the end I love it.DSC014741

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Posted by on September 29, 2013 in PCB