The Stepathlon pedometer

20 Jan

Often a time i ask myself that what is the difference between a maker/hacker/hobbyist and an engineer[specially in electronics].Is engineer can also be called as the former,or vice-versa.Well ofcourse,but if he make the best out of the resources available or at significant costs(not compromising the quality/accuracies).Here in the picture below u can see a pedometer that i just got,and i was very impressed by the compensable accuracy that it gave and the cost it was manufactured and sold at .(except the fact that they didn’t bothered to give a power switch to it,i don’t know why ??,bloody powered ON every time).I just took it apart and really they used the non-accelerometer based rivet counter based mechanism which was cutting the cost and still delivering awesome accuracies(excluding the frills).
Well that naturally distinguishes the engineering aspect from the maker aspect.If i was about to make a pedometer,i would have instantly dropped a low cost accelerometer and a mcu into that(my first-worst thought process as always).  
And ofcourse, if u r making a project in masses for large scale,even a single penny saved may reward you a bulk and ur engineering taste.
Awesome engineers,awesome engineering,awesome minds!! 
If you want to become a good engineer,you have to use the resources in the best way all the time making it cost insensitive,and you have to make this a habit from your first projects only.DSC02380 (Large) DSC02381 (Large) DSC02382 (Large) DSC02383 (Large) DSC02385 (Large) DSC02386 (Large) DSC02389 (Large)

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