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Welcome you all (the evil genius’s) to my blog.This blog of mine is dedicated to the new face of electronics i.e. Microcontrollers ,and Embedded Hardware and Software has allover given the electonic hobbyiests and DIY’ers a new armour to deal with modern electronics.We have now looked at some of the main ideas to be used later in explaining microcontroller operation: hardware, software, how they interact and how the function of complex systems can be represented in a simplified form such as block diagrams and flowcharts. We can now compare the PC system with an equivalent microcontroller system.The microcontroller can provide, in a simplified form, all the main elements of the conventional microprocessor system on a single chip. As a result, less complex applications can be designed and built quickly and cheaply. A working system can consist of a microcontroller chip and just a few external components for feeding data and control signals in and out. Circumstances that we find ourselves in today in the field of microcontrollers had their beginnings in the development of technology of integrated circuits. This development has made it possible to store hundreds of thousands of transistors into one chip. That was a prerequisite for production of microprocessors , and the first computers were made by adding external peripherals such as memory, input-output lines, timers and other. Further increasing of the volume of the package resulted in creation of integrated circuits. These integrated circuits contained both processor and peripherals. That is how the first chip containing a microcomputer , or what would later be known as a microcontroller came about.

 So, start yourself now with a basic blow of knowledge of MCU from the blog.



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One response to “About Author

  1. manish arya

    July 14, 2010 at 2:04 am

    i think abhi u hav gone beyond our thinking……..i mean look at ur blogs abt embedded systems,,microcontrollrs,,microprcessors…………which v hav to study now ..u hav done all these things too earlier with clear concepts……….

    yaar u guy is jst rocking ……….


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