Got “MSP430F5529 USB LaunchPad Evaluation Kit” today from TI INDIA !!

23 Nov

Got the “MSP430 Microcontroller in Embedded System Projects” awesome book and  “MSP430F5529 USB LaunchPad Evaluation Kit” today from TI INDIA !!
Thanks TI

The MSP430 LaunchPad now has USB! The MSP-EXP430F5529LP LaunchPad (or the “F5529 LaunchPad”) is an inexpensive, simple evaluation module for the MSP430F5529 USB microcontroller. It’s an easy way to start developing on the MSP430, with an on-board emulation for programming and debugging, as well as buttons and LEDs for simple user interface.

Rapid prototyping is a snap, thanks to 40-pin BoosterPack expansion headers, as well as a wide range of available BoosterPack plug-in modules. You can quickly add features like wireless, displays, sensors, and much more. You can either design your own BoosterPack, or choose among many already available from TI and elsewhere. The 40-pin interface is compatible with any 20-pin BoosterPack that is compliant with the standard.

The MSP-EXP430F5529LP LaunchPad includes the MSP430F5529 16-bit MCU with 128KB Flash, 8KB RAM, up to 25MHz CPU speed, integrated USB 2.0 PHY, 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), timers, serial communication (UART, I2C, SPI) and more! Free and Open Source USB API stacks and the MSP430 USB Descriptor Tool, available through the MSP430 USB Developers Package allowing for quick configuration of USB applications.Free software development tools are also available, such as TI’s Eclipse-based Code Composer Studio and IAR Embedded Workbench.

More information about the LaunchPad , the supported BoosterPacks and available resources can be found at TI’sLaunchPad portal and the MSP430 LaunchPad wiki for design resources and example projects.

Official page :

DSC01799 (Large) DSC01800 (Large) DSC01801 (Large) DSC01802 (Large) DSC01803 (Large) DSC01804 (Large)

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One response to “Got “MSP430F5529 USB LaunchPad Evaluation Kit” today from TI INDIA !!

  1. kg

    March 9, 2014 at 11:06 pm


    How do you get these promotional kits ? Are you a part of a Special program run by TI India ?



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