Beautiful Lakshmi-Ganesha Temple Model Project

04 Nov

Hi friends,
This is a beautiful Lakshmi-Ganesha Temple Model Project made by me for the beautiful occasion of DIWALI festival to give my heartiest regards to Lakshmi-Ganesha. It took me about 15+ days to build this project.The control circuitry is based on TI’s 16-bit MSP430F5529 microcontroller. The project uses a lot of LEDs and one 1 Watt power LED from OMRON to lighten the dome inside.My sister Avantika helped me a little bit in crafting out the handmade sheets,etc. It was a wonderful experience building such a kind of project.This project is an entry to TI’s DIWALI DECORATIVE LIGHTENING CONTEST.

Check out the video here :

Check out the pics of the completed project :

1DSC01672 (Large) DSC01681 (Large) DSC01674 (Large) DSC01678 (Large) DSC01680 (Large) DSC01686 (Large) DSC01688 (Large) DSC01689 (Large) DSC01690 (Large) DSC01691 (Large) DSC01698 (Large) DSC01712 (Large) DSC01713 (Large) DSC01721 (Large) DSC01722 (Large) DSC01723 (Large) DSC01724 (Large) DSC01726 (Large) DSC01727 (Large)


Check out some pics taken while building it :

DSC01511 (Large) DSC01535 (Large) DSC01536 (Large) DSC01537 (Large) DSC01547 (Large) DSC01548 (Large) DSC01550 (Large) DSC01554 (Large) DSC01555 (Large) DSC01558 (Large) DSC01560 (Large) DSC01567 (Large) DSC01568 (Large) DSC01570 (Large) DSC01574 (Large) DSC01576 (Large) DSC01577 (Large) DSC01578 (Large) DSC01585 (Large) DSC01599 (Large) DSC01601 (Large) DSC01603 (Large) DSC01604 (Large) DSC01605 (Large) DSC01606 (Large) DSC01607 (Large) DSC01616 (Large) DSC01618 (Large) DSC01619 (Large) DSC01622 (Large) DSC01623 (Large) DSC01625 (Large) DSC01626 (Large) DSC01627 (Large) DSC01628 (Large) DSC01629 (Large) DSC01630 (Large) DSC01633 (Large) DSC01637 (Large) DSC01638 (Large) DSC01640 (Large) DSC01643 (Large) DSC01645 (Large) DSC01646 (Large) DSC01647 (Large) DSC01648 (Large) DSC01651 (Large) DSC01652 (Large) DSC01653 (Large) DSC01654 (Large) DSC01655 (Large) DSC01671 (Large)

55 (Large)

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