MSP430 (Series 5) Development Board Idea Conception

28 Aug

Hello folks(all design engineers and electronics hobbyists in general),
Well,I am thinking to build a development board for the Texas Instrument’s MSP430 Series 5 microcontroller which is available in QFP100 package,is USB powered,have inbuilt 12-bit ADC,12-bit DAC,max 20MHz,RTC with battery backup,256kB flash,18kB SRAM,74 GPIOs,etc and a dozen of other features.One of my phenomenal intentions are to develop a board which will help me learning TI’s MSP430 MCU and developing Internet of things(IoT) applications.I am already thinking to add TI’s CC3000 WiFi module,LMX9838 BT module,CS8900 ethernet controller from Cirrus logic,OPT101 light sensor from TI,an omnidirectional mic from analog devices,ADXL312 accelerometer,a gyroscope,couple of RGB LED’s,CAN,RS232,RS-485 controller,etc.

Now,I want to ask all u professional guyz and electronics hobbyists there about further suggestions that I should append in the development board idea.Like what PCB board should I use?,should go for single or two layer board design?,should I build the development board at home only with the simple toner transfer method?,or go for professional PCB design?,what programming environment(like CCS studio,IAR,etc) to use?,what is the best and cheapest programmer available for MSP430mcu family?,what other peripherals should I include on the board?,or any custom/generic bus expasion port?,etc

And most importantly,what name should I allocate to my board.(Give all the funky ones).Or any other phenomenal/innovative idea,etc for the board.
Please feel free to comment in and against my design idea.
All weired and wonderful ideas are invited to bring out the design engineer out of you.

And the one who will give me the best idea or the most innovative idea will get this development board free of cost(probably after I design and test myself).


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Posted by on August 28, 2013 in Microcontrollers


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