Dr.Morepan BP-3BG1 BP Monitor : Teardown and Review

06 Aug

Evaluating your blood pressure with the Dr. Morepen BP3-BG1 One Fully Automatic BP Monitor could help you develop a plan to lower and control your blood pressure, as the BP Monitor allows you to systematically monitor your blood pressure at your convenience. This BP monitor offers you with a fully automatic operation, enabling accurate and consistent measurement readings.

Clinically proven for accuracy, this BP3-BG1 BP monitor has been approved and tested by BHS A/A BHS Protocol. Additionally, the Error code feature allows the blood pressure monitor to detect errors in the measurement reading, thus confirming precise readings. The Auto shut-off feature benefits you by augmenting the monitor’s battery life as the device automatically shuts down when not in use.


Designed and built to incorporate functions like comfort and ease of use, the monitor provides a very user friendly control panel. The control panel consists of a large and clear LCD display and a one touch operation button. The BP monitor comes with a separate cuff attachment, in which the cuff is designed to naturally conform to the contours of your arm. The BP monitor comes with a medium-sized cuff that fits an arm with a circumference ranging from 22 to 32 cm.

With the user-friendly interface provided by this automatic BP monitor, accurate blood pressure and pulse readings are just a push of a button away. You just have to simply wrap the adjustable cuff around your arm and press the button for a comfortable and quick reading.

Performance and Features

The Dr. Morepen automatic BP3-BG1 employs the Oscillometric method to determine your blood pressure measurement. The BP monitor also incorporates a digital sensor that uses Fuzzy logic technology which enables automatic inflation and deflation, thereby providing quick and precise readings.

This automatic upper arm BP monitor is capable of displaying readings ranging from 30 mmHg to 280 mmHg for pressure and 40 to 200 beats/minute for pulse. The large LCD display shows a simultaneous display of both systolic/diastolic pressure and pulse readings. The monitor is calibrated at a rate of +/-3 mmHg for pressure readings and =/- 5% of reading for pulse progress. The upper arm BP monitor operates on 4 AA batteries.

Given here is not a full teardown,but a brief one with the following pictures :










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