Blue App v5

23 Mar

BlueApp is an application developed with Basic 4Anroid that let you establish a serial link(via serial profile) over  bluetooth with other devices and it boosts all the feature that are needed to transceive data over the serial link. I have actually implemented five versions of it now with BlueApp v5 being the latest one. The latest version v5 allows you to switch ON/OFF Bluetooth adaptor from  the application user interface only and  the application is fully voice acknowledged that will guide you through all the menus and events with voice. You can connect with other devices which are already paired in the Bluetooth menu of the phone. When you click on connect, the application shows a list of all paired devices connected to the phone. Click on one of it ,if successful the application will display the MAC address and name of the device you are connected with, and now you can send and receive data over the serial link. You can easily disconnect and connect again with other devices .The application is fully crash-resistive that it keeps track all the time whether there is an active connection or not .If you accidently presses the Bluetooth OFF button /exit button/ back button it will warn you that an ongoing  connection is there and whether you want to disconnect it. The application has an onboard CONNECT and DISCONNECT button .By clicking on CONNECTION STATUS button you can manually know the slave device’s MAC address and friendly name that you are connected with .The application also has a built in “Save Log” feature which let you to save all the data that you sent and received in a text file with saved time and date written to it ,such that it can be later used for future purpose .Not only this , the application has a new background running feature which helps the user to receive data even when the application is not visible ,when being held .When you hold the device or press the home button, if the connection was active the app starts logging data in the background and a notification is generated depicting that the application is running in the background. Now whenever a data is received in the background , the notification is too updated with the data and a number on it which depicts the number if times the data has been received .Now whenever user clicks on the notification or reopens the application, all the data is sent to the receive textbox. Thus the application has all the feature to safely receive and transmit all the data serially via Bluetooth connection.

The application has major deployment areas like testing Bluetooth UART modules, in embedded and robotic  applications like wireless control and supervision , wireless data acquisition and logging, etc.

Developed by Abhishek Kumar                                                                            

Those interested in the application for ”source code” and “.apk” file can email me at















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