Make your own solid state relay

11 Jan

Solid state relay is a hybrid circuit, normally composed of an optocoupler isolates the input, a trigger circuit, which detects the zero crossing of the line current and a triac or similar device that acts as a power switch. Its name comes from the similarity presents an electromechanical relay, this device is generally used for applications where continuous usage has relay contacts that compared to a conventional relay generate a serious mechanical wear, besides being able to switch high amps in the case would destroy electromechanical relay contacts soon. These relays allow switching speeds much higher than electromechanical relays .

Minimum load current (called holding current 25-100mA) for the circuit to run smoothly. The   triac is also responsible for a small streamresidual (in this circuit is 7 mA, which most manufacturers fail in their data sheets) this means that you can not obtain a complete separationthe burden of power, as with normal relay contacts.


  1. Control-voltage from 3V to 30V DC
  2. Output Voltage 115V-280V AC to
  3. Output-400W (unmodified, heat sink)
  4. Minimum operating-current 50 to 100mA

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