“Home Automation Project”

20 Jul

My Home Automation Project has been completed now.The Project is ideal to be presented in B.Tech Final Year Projects.I have designed this greedy Home Automation Project keeping in my mind,my requirements,but the project is fully customizable as per one’s needs and is completely exapandable of one’s requirements.The system use an ATMEGA16 ,a 16K flash memory based microcontroller from Atmel,and thanks to Aplus india for their awesome CMOS based voice recording and playback IC’s,which i used as a backend server side here in my project.The system contains a 16 X 2 character LCD to show other info,etc.The project on the frontend uses a mobile to communicate with the system,(i’ve placed MT8880 DTMF decoder chip to communicate with the MCU).You are given a specific number to call upon ,then the system will ask you the password,and then your room is in your hands…..u just need,what is a call to the server side……….that’s it…

The system has the following features :

1. Control upto 16 devices (ON/OFF),eg.TV,lights,fan,AC,etc [Expandable]
2. You can check your current temperature of your room [Expandable to 8 sensors]
3. You can have a view on the status of your home’s Windows and Door’s (using bump sensor modules connected via MCU) [Expandable]
4.You can check the light intensity of your room
5. You can check,whether anyone is present in your room currently or not (usin PIR sensor module) [Expandable]

Those who are interested in making the above project can e-mail me at “”.

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Posted by on July 20, 2010 in AVR, Others


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